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Enjoying a nourishing meal every day is an essential part of staying fit and healthy, especially as we grow older or are unable to cook for ourselves. 

At Domestic Care, we have been providing award winning traditional healthy meals throughout Northern Ireland since 1993.  Our chilled meals are prepared to dietetic guidelines that have that ‘home cooked’ flavour.

Not only do our drivers deliver fresh homely meals, but they are also there to make sure you are safe and well

Traditional & Locally Sourced

Our meals are produced locally in Northern Ireland with a focus on giving them that traditional, local and homely taste.  We also take pride in using local ingredients within our meals. 

Understanding exactly what our clients enjoy, on Sunday we always have a ‘Roast’ option and on Friday we have a fish choice.  During the winter months, we have a range of stews and soups and there is always a pudding option with our meals.  For our clients looking for something light, we have a High Tea Menu. 

Dietary Needs

We understand our clients may have specific dietary needs and aim to provide our clients with a meal suited to their needs.  We provide:

  • Special meals e.g. Diabetic, Gluten Free
  • Ethnic & Religious meals
  • Meals for people who require altered consistency

We offer both individual meals and multi-pack meals for locations where people will be eating together, such as day centres.

Available 7 Days a Week

Our service is available seven days a week all year round.  Whether you require meals from one day per week up to seven, a short-term basis or permanently our service is for you. 

All our meals are delivered before 1pm every day and because of the cool chill system you are able to eat at whatever time of day you choose. 

Our Staff

We aim to provide you with a safe, reliable service at great value for money. 

Not only do our drivers deliver fresh homely meals, but they are also there to make sure you are safe and well.  For extra peace of mind, all our delivery staff will carry photographic identification, wear our Domestic Care uniform and are Access NI vetted when being employed.  

contact Us

Our friendly staff are here to help, if you have any questions or want to make an enquiry about our healthy meals service, give us a call:

Contact No

028 9182 2448

Office Hours

Mon – Fri 

9AM – 5PM

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